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What you can expect:
Physical Therapy is a dynamic process aimed to assist you in optimizing your own control of your body, to do whatever it needs to do, whether that be walk, sit, jump, run, reach, leap, turn, lift, sweep, sleep, make love, pee or poop! You'll have to pardon the vernacular - we all do it! Let's talk about it so it's not such a big deal!  
With me, you will be treated in a private, relaxed setting in Palisades, NY, just 25 miles outside of NYC. Each session will be one-on-one and 1-hour in length. The initial evaluation will address any questions you may have, while obtaining a thorough history.  This, along with an extensive examination, specifically tailored to your needs, will help determine the best treatment plan to help you reach your goals!
Should you prefer therapy to occur in the comforts of your own home, I may travel within the NYC, Rockland & Westchester Counties.
With pelvic pain or any issues relating to bladder, bowel or sexual function, an examination of your pelvic floor muscles may be helpful.  This is performed by observing and palpating (touching) the skin and soft tissues of your pelvis. An internal vaginal and/or rectal exam may be performed to determine pelvic floor muscle integrity and coordination.  Written consent is obtained and thorough education provided.  
Treatments may include, though not be limited to: 
                  manual techniques
               myofascial and connective tissue release
              visceral (internal organ) mobilization
                 joint mobilization
                       osteopathic approach to joint alignment
                  therapeutic exercise using a Pilates-based approach
                  neuromuscular re-education
               balance training
               vestibular adaptation 
                  advanced repositioning techniques for positional vertigo
             breathing re-education
              postural re-education
               extensive patient education
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